Put simply, ‘iM’ means ‘full’.  If you’re enjoying a meal with a Thai family, someone will eventually ask, “im, mai?” (‘are you full?’) because they want you to have eaten well and to feel satisfied.  Here, at iM, we prepare for you the dishes we love and which will, we hope, also fill you with happiness.  We want you to leave us with a full heart and filled with contentment: feeling ‘im’.



All our chefs grew up in Thailand.  Our family homes are in rural areas and at iM we bring you the bright colours and fresh flavours of the food of our homeland.  Head Chef Prasit has well over twenty years’ experience of preparing Thai food in the UK.  Prasit uses quality local suppliers and authentic Thai ingredients because he wants you to taste Thai dishes as we want them to taste.  Our parents used to say “gin dii, yuu dii” or ‘eat well, be happy’, which is how we want you to feel about our restaurant. 

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